We manage your IT department 

Serverpro is a professional services company with 15 years experience in the market. We are dedicated to optimizing our customers’ investments in Human Resources and Information Technology. Our solutions are geared towards computer centers Administration, Management and Talent Development, Collaboration and Productivity. As well as monitoring their infrastructure proactively. Serverpro offers a wide range of proven solutions related to the adequacy, implementation and operation of the area of ​​IT infrastructure of your company; We know how important it is to have a good quality advice and guidance; thus, our engineers are certified in different types of tools and technologies, and we have no commitment to any brand or manufacturer, so our recommendations are never compromised or “shadowed” fee or minimum sales. This is essential to choose the best option for our customer.
Commitment, Quality and Trust is what distinguishes us

IT Services

Maximizing and  Consolidation Maximizing and Consolidation
Get savings on power consumption, footprint, operating costs.
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Computing Center Management Computing Center Management
Get better performance of your computer center.
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Virtualization Virtualization
Creating multiple technological resources using one single real.
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IT Administration

Personnel Management Personnel Management
We support you in managing your personal
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Asset Management Asset Management
We offer equipment leasing.
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