Based on the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals (the “Law”), we make it known to you that Administración Remota de Sistemas S.A. de C.V., (hereinafter “Serverpro”), domiciled at Sendero Encantado 4360, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico 64890 is responsible for collecting personal data, their use and their protection.

When processing the information of Customers, Suppliers or any person with which it relates, (hereinafter “Owner”), “SERVERPRO” is obliged to observe the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and liability provided for in the Law.

“SERVERPRO”, may request information from the following personal data: full name, full address, telephone number, cell phone number, fax number, email, Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), Single Population Registration Key (CURP), website (website), bank account details, copy of some official identification, position, immediate boss.

The purpose of collecting the data is the consideration and / or remuneration for the provision of the products and / or services that “SERVERPRO” provides, for the services and / or goods provided and / or supplied to “SERVERPRO”, the realization of the corresponding collection and payment, as well as the communication and location of the “Owner” in question. It is also used for contacting purposes to publicize new products, events, sending advertising, promotions, greeting cards, quotes, clarifications, notifications of updates of solutions and / or services that they have previously purchased, by email and / or by other means of communication.

In the event that information is collected about any Bank Account of the “Owners” referred to above, such data, which are of a financial nature, will only be collected for the purpose of facilitating payment by bank or electronic transfer, of any service and / or product.

“SERVERPRO” shall maintain and implement appropriate protection actions and mechanisms, which shall consist of necessary Administrative, Physical and Technical Measures in view of their capacity and the type of “Data” they deal with; for the purpose of ensuring the security, integrity and privacy of the “Data”.

The processing of the “Data” that has been made available to “SERVERPRO”, either personally, directly and/or indirectly from its “Owner”, it may be carried out in accordance with these terms and conditions, so, from this moment it is understood, that the “Owners” grant their consent for such processing, unless there is an express communication in the same way in which the “Data” was collected, so that the “Owner” expresses to “SERVERPRO” its refusal to process its “Data”, following the mechanisms that are subsequently indicated, through the Application for ARCO Rights.

“SERVERPRO” is responsible for the collection, safeguarding and processing of “Data”. You may at any time exercise your ARCO (Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition) rights in respect of your “Data” by requesting ARCO Rights which you can find on our website, addressed to the email. The Application must be accompanied by a document proving your identity (IFE, passport or any other official photo identification) “SERVERPRO” undertakes to respond immediately confirming receipt of your Application and to give a definitive response about your request within a maximum period of 20 working days after receipt of your request.

“SERVERPRO” may assign and/or transfer the “Data”, whether to natural or moral persons, national or foreign. If you as “Owner” do not exercise a right of opposition in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Notice, it shall be understood for all applicable legal effects that You as “Owner” authorize, if necessary, at the discretion of “SERVERPRO”, the transfer and/or transmission of your “Data”. Recipients of such “Data” will be subject to this Privacy Notice; in terms of the foregoing, “SERVERPRO” may require transferring the “Data” to third parties with whom it maintains commercial or professional relationships. These third parties will, solely and exclusively, receive the “Data” as part of the commercial and/or professional relationship with “SERVERPRO”, as part of the scope and/or as information necessary for the improvement of internal, commercial and/or professional relations agreed between “SERVERPRO” and the “Owners”. “SERVERPRO” will only select third parties who formally undertake to put in place the necessary security measures to ensure the appropriate level of privacy of the “Data”. “SERVERPRO” shall be responsible for notifying third parties of the content of this Notice, as well as any modification or cancellation of “Data” by virtue of the exercise of their rights made at the time by some of the “Owners”.

“SERVERPRO” in view of the technologies implemented for the day-to-day performance of its functions, may collect through its website and social networks, information containing “Personal Data”; However, it does not collect this type of information through cookies and/or web beacons, Any modification to this Privacy Notice may be consulted at:

Last Updated Date: November 17, 2014