IT Security Audits

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Today, every company uses at least one computer, and in most cases, firms have advanced at accelerated paces in the automation of different tasks.

Security of the digital information goes from being an option to being part of the mandatory budget for business survival. And we need to make sure that our implemented solutions really contribute within compliance and business strategy.

What is IT Security Auditing?

Computer security auditing is a professional study conducted by non-company experts to detect vulnerabilities in technology implementation with in business strategy. They also offer solutions to gain efficiency, profitability and peace of mind for management teams.

IT audit specialists will take care of IT infrastructure within compliance standards, while working in improving  performance of your company’s IT assets:

Controlling Software updates, to ensure fast rollback in case of need.

Heartbeat monitoring of the network layer

Heartbeat monitoring of your current servers

Optimal operation of user computers

Disaster recovery plans for eventualities that may put the IT operation at risk

Compliance with current regulations

IT vulnerability points

Opportunities for performance improvement through new tools

Data protection and information security policies

Action protocols in the event of contingencies, threats and criminal attacks