Server Managment

A server, which is vital to your business, hosts your software, provides shared services such as storage, printers, Internet and email to other computers on the network.

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Having an administrative server policy in place will ensure that these functions are performed:



View and modify the server functions and features installed on the server.

Perform administration tasks associated with the server's operational lifecycle, such as starting or stopping services and managing local user accounts.

Perform administration tasks associated with the operational lifecycle of the functions, function services and features installed on the server.

Determine server health, identify critical events, and analyze and troubleshoot problems or configuration errors.

Perform full backups of all servers on a daily basis. Periodic backups are performed on different servers and can be restored on new machines in less than 3 hours. (with the client’s resources)

Automation of tasks in servers.

Monitoring 24 hours a day. (additional service)

We can provide replacement equipment in case of failure at no additional charge.

We have a Technical Team expert in Server Administration.

We add value to your business with our virtualization techniques (at no additional cost) on a single server, we can use a simple management system to reduce hardware, save money on power consumption and increase the flexibility of your server. Upgrading, monitoring and maintenance is more efficient, cost effective and practical for businesses.